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Zoning and Land Use Lawyers Syracuse

Ron Sharpe, Zoning Lawyer Pappas Cox Kimpel Dodd & Levine, P.C. represent applicants who have legal zoning and land use needs with respect to all potential issues and concerns. Zoning Laws apply and control all aspects of what is done with land, regardless of how large of small a particular project is. Our representation includes

  • Assisting owners of property in obtaining municipality approvals for their projects before planning boards
  • Historic and environmental review boards
  • Zoning boards of appeal
As part of that representation we coordinate with the developer and their team of engineers, architects and planners to make a comprehensive presentation to the applicable municipality board as well as interface with the various agencies through the Central New York region. In the process we remain aware of the potential for litigation and other influential factors as we development our strategies to work towards a timely approval in an efficient manner, to the benefit of our client’s business needs. Should it become necessary, we are able to seek recourse in an Article 78 proceeding to challenge the municipality’s determination in Supreme Court.

In addition, we also represent neighborhood groups concerned with proposed development in their area and have been able to prevent potential negative impacts a pending application might have on those surrounding. Our awareness of these different perspectives makes us able to be sensitive to the various factors involved in zoning and land use and to foresee the needs of our particular client and act in a proactive manner to assist in achieving their desired goals.

Zoning and Land Use Lawyers, Syracuse

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